Pedawa is one of four Bali Aga (Balinese aboriginal) villages in the remote, disadvantaged region of North Bali.

The four Pedawa elementary schools are already well equipped and delivering English classes into the region which includes Sidetapa, Tigawasa and Cempaga.

BCF is also training more teachers at the nearby Junior High school and these specifically trained teachers will deliver the BCF English program from October onwards. We are working towards having Pedawa and all the Bali Aga villages covered by ‘spoken and listening’ English classes from Grade 2 to year 12. This will have significant impact on the families in the local community.

The ABC event – Ayung Bali Children – at the beautiful Ayung Resort, Ubud on the 9th November is raising funds for education in these villages. More details on how you can support this event in the Events section at the end of this email.