The Pen is mightier than the phone!

A new and exciting program connecting Bali and Australian school students is underway!
The children at SD 3 Desa Pedawa in North Bali have paired up with Elwood Primary School in Victoria, Australia, turning off their handphones and communicating in good old fashioned school hand-written correspondence. The girls and boys took to the challenge eagerly, explaining to their new friend over the ocean what their life was like. The stark difference in culture between Bali and Australia is an incredible way to generate conversation amongst the youngsters.

Our intern Vivien, from Germany, was instrumental in the organisation of this program, which hopes to give students a creative outlet to connect with others. In Bali, most communication is verbal between family members and at school. Sitting down and thinking about what their life is like and what they want to share with another has proved a new and different venture for many. As for the Australian students, we hope that these hand crafted gems will be a fresh change from the online or digital interactions they may be used to.

Not only do they get to improve their reading and writing skills, but they also get to make new friends. Although we think the best part is that students will get to receive personal mail – maybe something few, if any, of the students have ever experienced!

Teacher, student or parent? Want to get involved? Write to us at Bali Children Foundation, Jl Raya Kesambi 369, Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia 80361 or connect with us at

Note: The students at Pedawa, North Bali Elementary are learning and using English. The students at Elwood Primary are learning Indonesian. They write letters to each other in the language they are learning.