Just the Job! Industry Superstars help students make career choices

Bali Children Foundation recently held its “Work Ready Event” tackling the ‘BIG questions’ for year 12 students from West Bali and Kayu Putih. Discussion focused on potential career paths for these students at the completion of their schooling. The students were excitedly considering what their future may hold, with hopes ranging from working in tourism and hospitality, to university.

The students were joined by Jesse Kirley and Saba Steck of Saba’s Kids, both active sponsors, whose contribution allows for the education of 93 disadvantaged students to remain in school and graduate from year 12 and to follow their dreams.

Discussion centred around the advantages and pitfalls of career choices, with consideration to location and flexibility of work as well as industries that had a reputation for providing gender positive environments for females.

The “Work Ready” Program provides extensive mentoring each year from October through to June when students graduate. Accelerated industry specific English and other workplace skills plus CV preparation and interview techniques are the main focus. Students wishing to apply for university are given advice and guidance on which scholarships may be available to them and how to apply for these scholarships. The program is lead by Dr Indah Rahamawati of UNDIKSA University. Indah was, long ago our first BCF English teacher and is a valued supporter of Bali Children Foundation’s work.

The “Work Ready” program continues to run and needs support. If you would like to give insight into your career or mentor these go-getters, please connect with us: info@balichildrenfoundation.org