All Smiles in Songan

The East Bali community of Songan continues to flourish with the support of Bali Children Foundation. Our support was established following the fatal landslides in February 2017 which rocked the already disadvantaged sleepy town. With classrooms and road access already established, BCF moved their focus in 2019 to water and playground facilities. At SD6, which has a BCF English program operating for grade two to six, a playground upgrade including paving seating, shade and trees was provided, waste management centre with weekly collections introduced and the installation of running water. SD5 also received a makeover with the entire school repainted, running water and newly renovated toilets added, permanent waste centre and weekly collections provided and newly established hand washing areas put in place.

Both of these substantial projects were supported by the Marriott Hotels Business Council and their annual “Run to Give” which continues to provide support and education to students from one of the most disadvantaged areas in Bali. It’s our aim to provide safe drinking water for all Songan students by the end of 2020 – let’s do this!

Children scattered with laughter and smiles to collect and clean-up their much loved community in November, a testament to just how much their knowledge of pollution and recycling has grown. Bali Children Foundation places great importance upon showing kids how to care for their community, generating pride amongst the budding anti-plastic warriors. Discussions between BCF and community leaders on how to personalise the waste management programs are crucial in their success. Allowing for approaches to be tailor made for specific communities, leaves locals more likely to accept the ideas put forth, and maintain them.