Core Beliefs

How we do what we do

Starting in 2002, BCF has worked one village at a time to help a total of 76 villages. After identifying a village with disadvantaged families, our local staff members work together with the village leaders to introduce families to BCF and the opportunities our scholarships and curriculum provide.


Our vision is for disadvantaged communities in Bali and nearby islands to become socially, economically and culturally empowered through the pathway of education to employment.


Our mission is to improve the education standards for children living in disadvantaged regions of Bali and nearby islands, so that they can achieve better incomes for themselves, their families and broader communities.


Our Purpose is to:

  • Work with Balinese and nearby island communities to deliver quality education programs for school years two to 12
  • Provide pathways to employment for young adults
  • Where possible, assist local communities in responding to disaster situations
  • Support sustainable education and employment solutions for communities after they have
    experienced disaster



We know that education and learning opens doors for people to transition out of poverty.

Supporting disadvantaged communities by improving educational and learning outcomes is our highest priority.

Vocational skills, spoken and listening English and computer studies are a core part of our work.


We are committed to removing social exclusion and poverty for children, young people and their families in disadvantaged Balinese and nearby island communities, including those who experience disadvantage and poverty due to living in remote locations.


We believe that collaborative communities achieve the best outcomes. That’s why we take the time to build lasting relationships with community leaders, local and regional government, local businesses, community groups, corporate organisations and individual supporters.

Together we can help disadvantaged regions in Bali and nearby islands to build capacity for growth, prosperity and wellbeing.


We work with integrity, authenticity, commitment and dependability in everything we do.