Making a Positive Impact Through


English Classes

BCF delivers a student-centric English program. Our classes emphasise spoken and listening English which are important skills for future employment in Bali.  The BCF curriculum is enhanced with videos and presented to the students via a 55 inch smart TV.  This exciting use of technology provides students with previously undreamed of opportunities.

Computer Literacy

BCF has connected some of the poorest remote areas in Bali with the rest of the world via Internet, equipped classes with computer rooms, and enabled a generation of students to develop vital computer literacy. In 2019 the computer curriculum was expanded to cover business and entrepreneurial topics as further preparation for a student’s successful future.

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies have been introduced into the curriculum over the recent years beginning with the islands of Nusa Lembongan.  Here it has been vital to build awareness among the children, who will inherit this island, about the challenges they face. In other areas, especially ‘rain shadow’ districts with unreliable water supply, hygiene and health messages enter the curriculum.

Teacher Training

BCF employs and trains teachers via a unique training program, enabling teachers to develop skills and become better teacher practitioners. Curriculum are tailored to region, cultural sensitivities and issues pertinent to that specific location.