Support A Project

BCF is regularly engaged in special projects either through our delivery partners or directly with the communities we work with.  Projects vary depending on the districts requirements and include new school buildings in areas struck by natural disaster, implementation of waste management systems and new English programs in remote areas.  Read on to learn more about the Reece Plumbing Water Project and contact us directly to learn more about current projects that need your support.


Cempaga is an active Aga community in the north of Bali. BCF have been delivering an engaging and well supported education program into the village for the last 4 years.  In 2017 they completed the first ever village wide disability study in Bali.

The village is one of several areas in the north that suffer from rain shadow. An inconsistent water supply seriously disadvantages the children and impacts on their learning capacity.

In 2019 Reece Plumbing awarded BCF a grant under their philanthropic international support commitment to complete the Cempaga water project enabling fresh water to be pumped directly in the village households.

The community will now benefit from improved hygiene, health and better agricultural outcomes.  Healthy well nourished children can concentrate at school, play more energetically and learn far better than those without water.

Throughout the North of Bali hills there are several such communities that suffer from rain shadow and the lack of water.  Moving forward BCF will continue to encourage water projects in these villages and once again would like to thank REECE for transforming countless lives of children and their families.